A Brighter Future By Design

Zileej acquires internationally recognised design firm, Gould.Sydney


Zileej, a Dubai-based inspired innovation company, announced the acquisition of Australian award-winning design studio, Gould.Sydney. This expansion allows Zileej to help build and launch innovation-led brands, products, and experiences for clients that share the vision of enabling a bright shared future for everyone, including Muslims.

Uniquely guided by Islamic Design Thinking, Zileej identifies innovative ideas and brings them to life by creative design, a strong product development team, and capability to create and launch original brands and experiences. Zileej is able to help clients stay ahead in a changing economic landscape that continues to experience disruptions through new technologies and trends.

The founder and director of Gould.Sydney, Peter Gould, is a co-founder of Zileej, “bringing our two companies together in a formal capacity was a natural transition.” For the past 15 years Gould.Sydney has a developed a strong international reputation for strategic branding and creative design. Working with companies from Etihad Airlines and Thomson Reuters, to successful startups in the Islamic Economy such as Hijup, and many government programs including the Sultanate of Oman.  

“We are excited to welcome Peter’s pioneering design team as an integral part of our company,” shared Ansarullah Ridwan Mohammed, CEO of Zileej, “so we can continue working together to create brands and experiences that enrich our global communities.” The expanded Zileej team now consists of 15 staff with diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, across 5 regions including MENA, ASEAN and Europe.

To learn more about the acquisition, Zileej's services, or for interview enquiries, please contact Subhi Bora at subhi@zileej.com 

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