The Zileej Journey

When holding a great product in my hand, I have a deep sense of appreciation for the amount of thought, planning and detail that went into taking it from an idea to the shelf.

I admire the teams who build great products, and observe the loyal followers who help companies become much-loved brands.

Growing up, I wondered why most Islamic products were not as appealing, exciting and innovative as all of the other products competing for our attention.

I always had a dream of making a positive impact on the Muslim world. I wanted to find a way through which I can influence Muslims across the globe and inspire them, both the young and old, to strengthen their understanding and love for Islam starting first with myself.

Zileej is my opportunity to make this happen. I dream that it will become the global lifestyle brand that Muslims have been waiting for, inshAllah.

by Ansarullah Ridwan Mohammed, CEO, Zileej