Zileej is pioneering a new standard of games, toys and creative learning experiences for Muslims. Our innovative, design-led products are loved by families across the globe looking for fun, meaningful experiences that uniquely reflect their lifestyle, values and aspirations.

Zileej (Arabic: زليج) the traditional name for geometric tilework found in classic Islamic art and architecture on buildings such as the Alhambra Palace.

Our creativity is inspired by our spirituality. We are a fusion of vibrant contemporary visual design with a strong connection to our creative Islamic legacy and heritage.

The ultimate Islamic board game experience

It’s time to reimagine Islamic education for the digital era. We believe that modern learning experiences should be fun and engaging, using refreshing world-class design and technology-enhanced games.

The 5Pillars series of games are ground-breaking Islamic educational tools the entire family can enjoy!

The games offer thousands of learning opportunities in the form of questions and activities that come at various levels of difficulty so there is something for everyone no matter what your age or level of Islamic knowledge might be. These games are not just about how much you know since your strategy, speed and creativity play a big part in defeating your opponents! 

The coolest brand empowering Muslim girls!

At Salam Sisters we believe that young Muslim girls deserve a welcoming and friendly space just for them. Our vision is to create loveable characters, stories, games and playful experiences that our young Muslim girls can relate to and learn from while having fun. 

With our collection of toys and games, we always prioritise one thing: encouraging young Muslim girls to dream big and fulfill their potential.

The greatest journeys begin with SPIRITUAL remembrance

Our mission is to leverage technology to improve spiritual practices and experiences for the world through technology and wearable products.

SmartMuslim harnesses current and future technologies and uses it to enrich the lives of every day Muslims.